Descrizione Eucalipto Gunnii : È un albero sempreverde che può raggiungere m, ma può essere coltivato anche come splendido arbusto mantenendo le . Corteccia liscia di color verde biancastro che si sfalda ogni tarda estate, quella nuova di color verde grigiastro. Foglie rotondeggianti da verdegrigio a .

An extremely hardy and versatile species, which can be . The eucalyptus gunnii is an elegant, fast growing tree and hails from Australia. It has an aromatic foliage whose oils are often used to aid respiratory problems. Eucalyptus has low requirements to the soil.

A good hedging and timber tree with fast growth and . Attractive blue-grey foliage that . This photo and the following courtesy of Milligan Seeds and Trees. Its lovely minty aroma is great for medicinal use! With silvery-blue, rounded young leaves . A quick growing shrub with silver foliage throughout the year.

Cut foliage for flower arrangements. This fragrant hardy evergreen tree belongs to the family of Myrtaceae, native to Tasmania, and . It branches more extensively and .

They range from tropical New Guinea and the Philippines to the snows of Mt Kosciusko in Australia and to Tasmania . Azura was selected in the middle of France from many seedlings. Fast growing evergreen with silver-blue very striking rounded juvenile leaves, changing to lance-shape 2-inch (5- cm) long when mature. As this is its first full year in my . Family: Myrtaceae (Myrtle Family). LN), and slow rewarming in air at room temperature. Ann Rech Silvicoles Association Forêt-Cellulose . This new form has been found to be much hardier . Guaranteed best value, low prices, fast delivery, special offers.

A fast-growing evergreen tree widely planted in gardens, parks, amenity areas an rarely, for forestry. It has become naturalised in woodland and on roadsides . Ciao, mi hanno regalato una piantina di eucalyptus gunnii. Ha tronco grigio che si sfalda nel tempo in . Miena Cider Gum is an endangered species of Australian tree endemic to the Tasmanian highlands . It is one of the hardiest, for sure.