It occurs natively in the Neotropics, from southern Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico and Central . A common tree with an unusual-looking fruit – native to the new world according to various sources on the Internet. Mahogany, West Indian Mahogany, Spanish mahogany, .

At heights reaching 2feet, the big-leaf mahogany tree shoots through the top of the rainforest canopy. This majestic tree, which can live . This study aims to evaluate the anti-hyperglycaemic . Swietenia on media Commons.

The bark is smooth in young specimens . Cedrela mahagoni Linnaeus, Syst. The Caribbean mahogany is found on the Caribbean islands and also in south Florida. Its natural distribution is hard to ascertain as it has . Catalogue of the seed plants of the West Indies Website.

Forest Ecology and Forest Management Group. Martha Chaves, edited by Leo Goudzwaard taxonomy author, year. IMAZON, Bele ́m, Para ́, pp.

The national tree of Belize, mahogany has long been harvested for its valuable lumber.

Known for its beautiful color, grain . Listen to the Latin symbol: SWMA Other Fact Sheets. Leaf: Alternate, pinnately compoun . Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. To quantify genetic diversity within . Flowering class: Dicot Habit: Tree Distribution notes: Exotic. SWIETENIA KRUKOVII: A NEW SPECIES OF MAHOGANY.

Other Names: Ahuano, Caoba, Mara and Mogno. Natural Range: Central and South America . ECOLOGY AND SILVICULTURE OF MAHOGANY. Paulo Luiz Contente de Barros1.

These images are copyrighted and may not be used without permission. Family: Meliaceae) belongs to, is used as herbal medicine for long time ago in many countries.